Friday, July 10, 2009

Make-Over Date

We all have a certain style of attire which is either rebellious/freak, conservative/safe, casual, trendy, senior citizen looking or HS/grunge. As shocking as it may seem - your partner/mate probably would dress you entirely different if only for a day/date especially if you have been dating/courting/married for a while.


Surprise your mate at the end of the month with 'MAKE-OVER DATE' day!

  • Money (don't spend money you don't have)
  • be open minded
  • schedule outside of emotional times of the month (ie. cycle)
  • ability to feel sexy even in ugly garments.

What do you tell your mate: I would like to borrow you on _____day (ie. Saturday) for 4 hrs to go shopping? If they ask for what - say pick up a few things. Include breakfast in the process so no hunger pains.

What happens:
You tell your mate - we are going to buy an entire outfit for each other and wear it out to a date/destination of our choosing. If the outfits are drastically different it may result in two dates #1 dinner and #2 on a different day picnic. You pay for the outfit and your mate pays for the destination. Entire outfit is defined as - all garments excluding shoes/socks. You can incorporate shoes if you want them in heels or dress shoes but they would have to join you while shopping to try it on.
You should fill out a sheet with all sizes/measurements necessary to pick up clothing for you - shirt size, inseam, waist, etc.
Your mate should do the same and fill out all sizes/measurements including bra, undies, blouse, etc.
You should set a budget so it doesn't turn into an argument either for spending too much or too little. E.g. she spends $400 and you spend $53 at the Gap.

You both go on your own journey to buy an entire outfit for the other person that you would like to see them in. Don't buy a librarian a stripper outfit as you probably can't walk into a 5 star restaurant with 4" stelletho but, you can get her a mini skirt, blouse, push-up bra and matching boy shorts undies and ask her to meet you at Cheesecake Factory.

After attire is picked up - you try it on just to verify all sizes work and no ability to return/change any garments. Schedule the date and viola.

End result: It is a cute way to make-over your mate (and yourself) while including your mate in your style. You never know the fashion sense of your mate.

Helpful hints - if money is an object avoid Nordstorm or Bloomingdales and shop at Target, Gap, etc.. Don't buy something they already own or something they like to wear - buy items you would like to see them in but they never wear. At the beginning and end of the date - tell your partner how hot they look and you appreciate them for not only going along with it but being your mate. It doesn't hurt to buy a flower/card with the note, "To My Hot Azz in her _____ underwear" - you should know the underwear if you bought it for them. Avoid getting advice from friends/family instead go on your gut of how your envision your mate looking great.


I traditionally consider myself a limited romance person, however, I enjoy sensual interactions with the opposite sex. I like to do things impulsively but retreat when prompted to do something scripted or required (ie. Valentine's, Birthdays, Weddings, etc.), and I think many males encounter similar challenges.

In an effort to waste down time I decided to share some ideas of romantic things to do with your partner that can win over cool-points. You can follow line by line or simply use it as a template for your own romance stuff.

I find it interesting most ladies enjoy bubble baths with candles which I think is inefficient, fire hazard and waste of time/water. Most males think hanging out watching the game drinking is quality time with their ladies which may appear cold/insensitive as the attention is not on each other. I think both genders can find a balance which involves participation in things both would enjoy or find cute.

Keep the game and newness going so things don't get old or too routine. Don't variety things every day but at least 1x every two weeks surprise a person with a new theme.